Damn Am Toronto Day 2 Recap

Sept 10, 2011

After a week of below seasonal weather, it seemed like Toronto's summer was going out with a wimper. This weekend's warm weather combinded with Billabong's Damn Am event taking over the city brought us right back though and showed the country summer wasn't done yet.

Scroll down for photos and a recap of the day. Check out the full montage below

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Special thanks to all the sponsors who helped make this epic event happen:
Billabong,, Zumiez, Bones, SPoT, Dakine, Momentum, Independent, Underworld, Plan B, Skull Candy, Slap


Independent Best Trick Contest
1. Ben Paterson. Hardflip Backlip. $300
2. Will Marshall. Front 360 Shuv, FS Flip the rail, Hardflip the Rail. $200
3. Mitch Barette. Front Blunt and Backside Tail the hubba. $100

Damn Am Canada 2011 Finals
1. TJ Rogers. $1000 + Zumiez $500 travel voucher
2. Will Marshall. $1000 + Zumiez $500 travel voucher
3. Jon Cos. Zumiez $500 travel voucher
4. Zach Ferguson. Zumiez $500 travel voucher
5. Tyler Pacheo. Zumiez $500 travel voucher
6. Matt Canadien
7. Pat Temblay
8. Ben Paterson
9. Nolan Waller
10. Ty Peterson

It all started yesterday with Calgary's Tom Mock taking the high Ollie contest—winning himself the first bit of cash for the weekend, but today the Beaches Skatepark played host to the main event where 40 of Canada's best ams competed for the cash prize and a coveted spot jumping the line directly into the Tampa Am semi-finals.

Judge Eric Mercier gets high tech on his iPad scoring while Jason Rothmeyer and Dan Pensyl predictably keeps it analog.

Local legends Jesse Landen and Justin Bokma like watching a good contest as much as the next dude.

The shredding quickly ensued with half of the park sectioned off, with the east end with the mellow stairs, flat gap and other obstacles open to the general public to shred while the bigger stairs, big bank wall and the manny pad were fair game to the hungry ams in the contest.

Soon the 40 entrants were shaved down to the top 12. Not only did those 12 get to skate again in longer five minute jam sessions, they were also guaranteed a spot in Tampa Am. Toronto's Zach Ferguson seemingly came out of nowhere to take the top spot in the first round—keep your eyes peeled in our next issue for an epic photo of Zach shredding the streets.

The media came out in droves to cover the action.

Will Cristofaro didn't crack the top 12 due to a hairstyle disqualification. 

The three skater heats seemed to go quickly with each trio of skaters splitting up and tackling each part of the park. As usual the action at the 11 stair stoked the crowd, but the dudes did a good job of skating all the obstacles with people like TJ Rogers going up and down the manny pad and Jon Cos messing with a 360 Flip Boardslide on the smaller rail just before the buzzer on his run.

Jon Cos Hardflipped his way into third place.

The champ of the day TJ Rogers shows us how he got there with a Switch Heel up, Switch Frontside 360 down.

Any kid who goes to see an event at Ashbridges is really going to see what goes down on the 11 stair rail. The biggest set of stairs at the park always draws a crowd when a session is going down and seems to always be a highlight of any contest at the park as well known ams and unknowns alike huck for dear life to try and come up with the move they've been putting off trying all day. And today was no differnt—but with so many ripping dudes in the mix, a massive crowd and the crew from SPoT on the mic, things got especially heated during the Independent best trick contest on the hefty set of stairs.

People started jockeying for position... must mean an 11 stair session.

This kid knows how to get those coveted "likes" on instagram

After a few cringe worthy close call slams and a few heartbreaking near-makes, Toronto's Ben Paterson went home $300 richer (not to mention a Zumiez travel voucher worth $500) after putting down a hard fought Hardflip Backlip.

Toronto's Jacob Williams got robbed during the best trick...

...just ask this guy. Next time, Jacob!

Ben Paterson first intimidates the rail with a mean stare down...

...then lets the shredding comence. Hardflip Backlip to win the Independent best trick contest

Then someone who is DEFINITELY not Ryan Clements—Brian Schaefer rallies the crowd to announce the winners.

Quebec's Pat Tremblay was awarded the Zumiez destroyer award for his epic Backside Tailslide over the window on the steep bank. His trophy—a fully functioning Sawsall. If anyone needs any rails spots fixed up in Montreal, you know who to call.

The crowd gathered as the winners were announced (the impending product toss didn't hurt, either). After all was said and done, Toronto's own TJ Rogers took the top spot with Will Marshall and Jon Cos taking second and third respectively.

The top three were announced and proceeded to perform the rarely pulled off and previously undocumented three person props. Jon Cos, TJ Rogers and Will Marshall

But there can only be one winner—congrats TJ!


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